About Us


Our Mission

Is to service start-up, small and medium size businesses to provide them with the tools that will enable them to compete with larger organizations, at a fraction of the cost. 

We offer the services to become your Marketing, HR, Accounting, Sales, and Legal Departments - as an extension of your team. 

The Freelance Pro offers on demand support for marketing, business development, bookkeeping, recruiting services and more. Our comprehensive capabilities and in-depth industry knowledge  help you to solve the most complex issues of your organization.


Want to experience the expertise of The Freelance Pro team for yourself? Give us a call today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

Meet Joe

The Freelance Pro Founder & CEO 

"As you probably already know from seeing me on LinkedIn trying to stay in touch with my over 16,000 connections or local to the Detroit Metropolitan area and seeing me around at local networking events, I love to do business development and create relationships with people while introducing others to my vast network of connections.


In today’s business world a lot of organizations fail to build the proper relationships to keep a client or customer long term. I feel this happens for two reasons. First and mainly, they run out of time in the day to attend to social media, attending events, send emails, or make phone calls and second, they are good at what they do, RUNNING THEIR BUSINESS.


It took me over 13 years to build up my network and my close business relationships within Metro Detroit, the country and the world. So, I know it takes A LOT of time.


I was meeting business owners, business professionals and even some sales people that wanted to have a “Business Development Person” or marketing professional on staff to grow their client and customer base, but they could not justify the $70,000.00 a year plus commission investment. So, I started to think how I could help with this?


That is why I created The Freelance Pro. We believe in trying to be omnipresent which means existing everywhere at once. This takes specialized talent and assistance, and therefore I built a team of Freelance Professionals to assist our valued clients in growing their businesses.


I can honestly say that I meet people every day that NEED the services of someone in my network.


With all that being said, please look over our site to learn more & I hope we can get to work soon!"

Joe Bommarito